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Eco policies

The biggest threat to Bali’s environment is from doing nothing about the ever increasing volumes of pollution and eco-damage. Tourists to Bali don’t always realise that they are directly and indirectly contributing to this problem. Tourism needs to become much more eco-friendly given the growing numbers of visitors to our paradise on earth.

It is imperative that we all do our bit to protect Bali’s pristine environment. Rivers and oceans are particularly at risk with devastating consequences for this island. Kuta EcoStay is taking a lead on environmental care and setting an example among the homestays of Bali, especially because we are so close to the sea. We are determined to make a difference. Our new generation of bio-septic sewage treatment systems is part of this effort to protect Bali through cleaner living patterns.

Keeping our surrounds and beaches odour-free also makes business sense and encourages our visitors to return again and again.

For too long sewage has been simply discharged untreated into the waterways and ultimately onto our beaches. Kuta EcoStay’s sewage system produces an effluent acceptable to recycle into drains with no negative environmental impact. We use naturally occurring safe bacteria to treat the wastewater through a series of underground tanks and literally our bugs eat up the waste leaving water that is safe to re-use or discharge.

This is just one of the many "green" initiatives at Kuta EcoStay. Come and stay and find out more about many of our other efficient, cost-effective and often simple eco-policies which we have adopted.


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