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We’re pleased to announce that Kuta EcoStay Guest House has been recognized with a 2017~2018 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews you’ve earned on TripAdvisor.
Only select businesses receive a Certificate of Excellence, so make sure to showcase your achievement. To help you spread the word, we’ll send you a free customized certificate and sticker — request yours now!
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  Kuta EcoStay Guest House
146 Reviews #1 of 233 in Kuta
Kuta EcoStay Guest House
146 Reviews
3 Easy Ways to Showcase Your Achievement
Congratulations again on your 2016 Certificate of Excellence! It’s a great achievement – and a great reason to promote Kuta EcoStay Guest House. If you haven’t already, try these easy ways to spread the word:
Stand out from competitors by adding the Certificate of Excellence logo to your marketing materials
Get visitors' attention by displaying your Certificate on-site
Enhance your website by installing a Certificate of Excellence widget
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P.S. Want a chance to win free merchandise from the Certificate of Excellence store? Send photos of your promotions to coe@tripadvisor.com by August 1.
You Won It. Now Promote It!
Your 2015 Certificate of Excellence tells an important story — that TripAdvisor travellers consistently give you top ratings.
Share this news with the world and give customers and your community a great reason to talk about Kuta EcoStay Guest House:
Kuta EcoStay Guest House
Showcase your certificate on your front desk, on the wall or in a window with pride
Add an award badge to your website and blog
Promote your achievement on social media using #COE2015
Generate local media coverage about your success
Find more great tips on promoting your award at tripadvisor.com.au/excellence
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